Rules of the Road

This page is for the rules related to my site. It may be updated at times, without notice. Please check back occasionally for any updates.

Comments: All comments are welcome provided that the comment does not contain profanity, does not harass another commentator, is not racist, bigoted, or shows prejudicial remarks based race, creed, religion, nation origin, gender, sexual orientation. Comments are subject to modification or deletion at the blog author’s discretion.

Guest Contributors: If you are interested in writing a guest contributor post, use the Contact page to drop me a line. Please include your name, post subject, projected length (by word count), and a short statement on why you’re interested in contributing. You will have to agree to accept any edits (they will be discussed with you before any editing other than correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

Copyrighted Images: You must get permission to use any copyright protected images used in your post and provide a copy of the permission to the blog owner, before publication. Graphically explicit images must be discussed with the blog owner before their use.

Quoting Works: When using quoted material, there must be a link to the quoted material within a post. Please remember the Fair Use rules.

Privacy Policy: Any identification information (Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Addresses) will NEVER be given or sold to any person or company without the person’s expressed consent.