“It’s Freedom of Speech”

Allow me to put this issue in a different perspective. If one considers what the Confederate battle flag stands for, slavery and white supremacy, then this flag

Nazi Flag

is just acceptable to the Confederate battle flag lovers, is it not? The Nazi flag stands for slavery (forced labor) and white supremacy too. Nazi Germany was one of the most heinous regimes in modern history. The Nazi’s were crushed by the Allies in World War II, just as the Confederate States of America was crushed by the United States of America in the Civil War. Both the Confederates, Nazis, and all their symbols belong in one place, on the trash heap of history. We should never stop teaching the history of either era though. Our descendants must learn of the evils of both so that we, hopefully, don’t repeat it.

What would be the reaction of Americans to flying the Nazi flag? Likely it would be condemned, even by the lovers of the Confederate battle flag. Yet, those Confederate battle flag lovers can’t, or won’t, see that the flag they support is just as heinous of a symbol as the Nazi flag. Love one, hate another, equals hypocrisy.

Moving on, President Trump responded to a question about police killings of Black Americans by saying, in part, that “so are white people. More white people, by the way. More white people.” We need to examine this claim by President Trump.

If you look at the raw numbers, as President Trump does, then what he said is correct. But, like with coronavirus testing, he is not looking at the number per million of Black Americans. Doing so makes his answer very wrong. In 2019, 370 White Americans were killed by police. In the same year 105 Black Americans were killed by police.

But, the accurate measurement is telling. 31 Black Americans per million were killed by police from 2015 to June, 2020. In this same time period, 13 White Americans per million were killed by police. This means that Black Americans are killed almost 2.4 times greater than White Americans per million of population.

So, there is a problem Mr President. It is a higher rate per million. So your “many more white people” says nothing. It’s meaningless. It’s a distortion to simply use the total number of White Americans versus Black Americans killed.

You told Herridge that her question was a “terrible question to ask.” No, actually it is not at all. You are just unable to correctly interpret the meaning of the question. Once again, you are siding against Black Americans. Hard to believe you’re the “least racist person there is anywhere in the world.” You can listen to his “least racist” comment here.

I can only conclude that you are uneducated in the rates of death or are speaking from instinct. Maybe you’re both, which is a sad state of affairs.

What will it take to get Mr Trump to speak the truth? We know he won’t as long as he stands a chance to be re-elected. It’s something I hope doesn’t happen. We need to clean up the messes he has created and that cleanup needs to start in January 2021.

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