I Usually Don’t Buy ‘Tell All’ Books

There’s another reason I made the exception as well. Donald Trump is up in arms over Bolton’s book. In fact, the Trump Administration is considering an court order to prevent release of the book.

Politico.com reports that Trump then went on to claim that Bolton should not have been allowed to write a book based on his time at the White House, arguing that “I will consider every conversation with me as president highly classified” — a blanket assertion that is legally dubious.

I am no fan of President Trump, which you may have figured out. I likely would have passed on buying Bolton’s book, but the screaming (figuratively) Trump is doing over the book makes for a very strong recommendation to read it.

So, I checked one online bookstore and shuddered at the $32.50 they wanted for a hardcover pre-order for the book. I shuddered at that price, so went off to another online outfit and got a pre-ordered copy at the guaranteed price of $19.50. Now that’s a deal.

I’ve purchased the book and the estimated delivery date is between July 8 – 16. Can’t wait for it. I’m hoping it is worth the money I paid for it.

I’ll let y’all know about it when I do a review of it after reading it.

Until next time

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