Donald “Tweety” Trump

With close to 100,000 dead Americans from the coronavirus, Donald Trump started Saturday with a round of golf at his Sterling, Virginia. One can assume he enjoyed his reputed cheating at the game to give himself a score he can brag about. Yet, he deserved it because it had been about three months since he’s gotten to golf. Never mind that during the Ebola epidemic in 2014, Donald Trump called out Obama for golfing. You remember Ebola, don’t you? The Ebola with a death toll of two in the United States. Of course Trump said he was playing to get some exercise. I’m sure his backside got a lot of exercise sitting in the golf cart! He repeated his “exercise” regime on Sunday.

But, as we can count on with President Trump, it’s only important if he’s whining about how things affect him. After getting back from golfing, Donald Trump spent late night time on his second favorite activity – tweeting (and retweeting). Being his usual spiteful and name calling self, like some schoolyard bully, generally being obnoxious.

Trump chose to continue his recent tweets against MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, demanding a cold case investigation be opened against Joe in reference to the accidental death of a female intern who worked in one of his Florida offices. Joe Scarborough wasn’t even in Florida when the office accident occurred. The case was thoroughly investigated and ruled accidental. Facts have never known to intrude into Donald Trump’s thinking when outright lies will do just fine though.

President Trump also managed to retweet attacks made on women by John K. Stahl, a former Republican congressional candidate. John Stahl apparently has a reputation and “history of saying outlandish and asinine things online,” according to the online New York Magazine Intelligencer . In this case, Trump’s retweets of Stahl’s were ones calling Hillary Clinton a “skank”, making fun of Stacey Abram’s weight, and also criticizing Nancy Pelosi’s face. How very Presidential of this women-hating venting.

Donald Trump didn’t stop there. According to, “He renewed his feud with the former US attorney general Jeff Sessions, who is trying to regain his old US Senate seat in Alabama”. Donald Trump has never forgiven Jeff Sessions for recusing himself “from the FBI’s investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election.” reports Jeff Sessions chose to follow his ethics and the law by recusing himself. Ethics and following laws are two things Donald Trump is woefully lacking in doing.

There is one topic President Trump said very little about, the coronavirus pandemic. But then, we know he’s hoping voters will forget about his atrocious handling of it all. He just wants to get the states to hurry up and fully open, and demand schools be opened and the kids into classrooms. He could care less what any of this might cause. He just wants to get things rolling along so he can have his rallies (for which he stiffs cities on for their costs) for his faithful following of blinded, follow-to-the-death, forever Trump supporters. Donald Trump has done his best to rile up the anti-lock down crowd (many of the right wing extremists and nuts) to push state governors into opening.

Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s Press Secretary, answering questions during a press briefing, “claimed that Scarborough had joked about the death during an appearance on a radio show hosted by the late Don Imus,” according to She is referring to the “joke” made by Don Imus about the interns death before Joe Scarborough came out for an interview with Imus.

And Tweety Trump keeps at it. He rage tweeted Tuesday about Twitter tagging a tweet he made about the unsubstantiated claims that mail in voting is ripe with fraud. The President said, “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent,” according to a article. As a result of this tagging, President Trump, incorrectly, said his free speech right was being violated.

Apparently Tweety Trump was asleep in class when the U.S. Constitution was covered. The First Amendment free speech clause covers government interference with free speech rights. Not that it would keep Trump from lying, as he often does, in his Twitter tweet mania he regularly undertakes. Further, he threatened to shut Twitter down over the issue. One wonders if he’s considered how that would take away from his second favorite past time. There is an easier answer that Twitter would be well within their rights to exercise, shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account. It sure would give the nation some peace from the utter garbage he tweets.

This man needs to be removed from office. The best chance of that happening is this coming November. If Trump wins reelection, he’ll have four more years to drag the reputation of this nation through the mud. Donald Trump is a danger to American democracy! It will takes years, many years, to clean up the mess created by President Trump. I urge voters to go to the polls or mail in their ballots for any candidate other than Tweety Trump.

Until next time.

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